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Lustrias Trailer - Welcome to the Adventure!

Lustrias is the story of a young game designer named Nicholas Reinhardt, and his stepsister, Emily, who are transported to multiple realms as the inhabitants struggle to defeat the powerful Melenite and his demon army. Nicholas and Emily encounter many unique and sultry characters and must overcome huge obstacles to become victorious! Lustrias was released as an audio drama on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes 4/29/18 and will be released as a visual novel on Steam and Mangagamer.com summer 2019.


Lustrias Episode 4, The Amulet of Norkal, Published 8/31/18

Damien Deadlocke unleashes the evil vampire hordes upon Castle Pendragon! Can Nicholas and his new friends defend themselves against an army of the undead? Order this stunning episode now on CD Baby and Amazon!



Lustrias Episode 1, The Visitation, Published 4/29/18

A strange winged creature plucks our heroes from Earth and transports them through a wormhole to a land of mystery and magic. Check out Lustrias Episode 1 on CDBaby and Amazon Music! Order your copy today and join the adventure.



Lustrias Episode 2, The Flower of Arna, Published 6/8/18

Nicholas and Emily struggle to  adapt to the strange world of Mystar, while danger pursues them at nearly every turn. Excitement and enchantment reign supreme. Find out more about this epic fantasy!



Lustrias Episode 3, Crimson Twilight, Published 7/28/18

Nicholas, Emily, and Princess Anastasia find themselves facing pure evil as the notorious vampire gang, Crimson Twilight, kidnaps the King's sister and invades Lustrias! Can Nicholas and the gang thwart their evil schemes? Find out in this next exciting episode of Lustrias.